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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Teaching Babies at 4 to 6 weeks to Coo!

My mother Colleen taught me to teach tiny babies to coo back at the person cooing at them in the following manner. IT WORKS! I HAVE DONE THIS WITH ALL BABIES!

First: Place the baby all comfy and fed and happy and clean in your lap holding your left arm (or which ever one you use most) under their neck and head to support. They should be sitting slightly at an angle and facing you.

Next: Place their arms in front of their chest and hold their little fists with your thumb and middle, ring and pink fingers. Leave the index finger to tap them on the chin as you coo to them.

Thirdly: Placing your face right in front of theirs and making eye contact, coo in a sing songy voice at them. This takes a little while for them to catch on, you, a human are making spiritual contact with them and communicating. I move my head and open my eyes wide with a huge smile to let them know I am soooo interested in them and what they may have to say.

Last: When they frown and look at you and you put your index finger on their chin to touch lightly and pull down a little on their jaw so they somehow feel that is where the sound will come out, babies will begin to coo back. First in soft low tones, then when they realize, that you will mimic what they are doing, they get bolder and can really seriously coo loudly! SUCCESS! Keep working at it but not for too long as they do tire easily. Maybe 5 minutes at the first try.

This is the beginning of conversation between adults and babies and can be practiced more and more to help the infant learn earlier to relate! It is thoroughly joyful and stimulating for babies and the adult cooing. At first, this exercise must be done for a very short while, as it is intense and tiring for the young and newborn infants. The adult must be aware of the comfort level of the infant and not push it because their attention spans are so short. But with practice, this can become a treasure of time together, especially for the mother or caregiver and the newborn.

Of all my babies (6) and all my friends babies, there has never been a baby I couldn't get to coo back. It is thrilling and everyone who witnesses it cheers and can not believe this to be possible. Then when I show the mothers they can do it too, it is awesome. This is an amazing tribute to the intelligence of our Creator! That He should want us to communicate with these little innocent beings sent from His presence at such an early age! I believe this communication at this early age helps to form the protective and trusting bond a child has with parents for a lifetime.

First blog in two years! Wow. I am on again. More to come with pictures and proof of earliest cooing communication.