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Monday, May 15, 2006

Baby Authority

Mothers Day and Birthday May 14, 2006

Happy day today with family coming after church. I received so many nice gifts already! The new book "Mafia to Mormon" by Mario Facione was given to me by Blake and Lindsey. I couldn't put it down. Stayed up all night reading it. It is a fantastic story about a mafia guy in Detroit, who was into black marketing of heavy equipment, among other scams. He is a second generation mafioso, and turned his life around and joined the Mormon church. He gave up everything and lost everything he had in order to join and stay in the church. He had not committed some of the more horrendous crimes against humanity, like murder; so that is why I think he was allowed to join the church. It is a fast, informative read which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I love getting together with family for Sunday dinners or anytime dinners. We learn so much more about each other and enjoy one anothers company. I love to have the little grandkids around too. Lexia has chastized me properly for not posting on my blog and wants me to write about raising children and how I did it. So I need to be more diligent.

A lovely Willow girl showing the sign of love was given to me by the Woods, Summer and Clay and Lily and Macy. We enjoyed playing button, button with Lily and Macy. A game which has been passed down from my family to my children to my grandchildren and taught to us by my mother Colleen McCray. Little two year olds enjoy this game so much and the rest of the family does too! It is simple but very endearing.


  • At 9:27 AM, Blogger Sara said…

    Hey! Why didn't you mention any other presents you got on your birthday? Like opera tickets!!!

    Mom, don't you think that someone could be baptized even if they did commit murders while in the mafia? What about Alma the Younger? Or the Lamanites who were baptized?

  • At 9:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Mom, get Sara to show you how to title your posts with different names.

    Note to self: two year old children like playing Button, button, whose got the button.

    Thanks mom.

    My blog coming soon!


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